ShirleyG~InSpired Glass

Learn more about I got started in melting glass! 

I have always been fascinated with glass, whether it was a beautiful crystal bowl or a hand sculpted piece, glass just caught and held my attention.

The first time I watched a glass blower when I was 10 years old, all I could think was that "someday I want to do that"!

In January 2004, I bought my first Lampwork torch and started playing with molten glass. The rest they say is history!

I love melting cold, hard rods of glass and creating soft, sensuous sculptures, earrings and pendants!

I have taken many classes from very well-known Lampworkers over the years.

I started out making and selling Big Hole Beads on ebay for about 7 years. Then I started moving in to creating sculptural pendants and earrings.

I specialize in Angels, Hearts, Sea life and incorporating loved one’s Cremains into one-of-a-kind memory pieces.

I also thoroughly enjoy teaching people to try their hand at Lampwork in my studio in Jensen Beach, FL. 

         All glass pieces are hand made by Shirley in her studio in Jensen Beach, FL.