Rules For Life

Rules For Life

Guidelines to Live By In: Meditation

• Travel light through life. Keep only what you need

• It’s okay to cry when you’re hurt. It’s also okay to smash (some) things; but, wash your face, clean your mess, and get up off the floor when you’re done. You don’t belong down there

• If you’re going to curse, be clever. If you’re going to curse in public, know your audience

• Seek out the people and places that resonate with your soul

• Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should

• 5-second rule. It’s just dirt. There are worse things in a fast food cheeseburger

• You are a woman, you do not need a man, but you can absolutely enjoy your life with a good one

• Happiness is not a permanent state. Wholeness is. Don’t confuse these

• Never walk through an alley alone

• Be less sugar, more spice, and only as nice as you’re able to without compromising yourself.

• Can’t is a cop-out. Totally unacceptable and doesn’t belong in your vocabulary.

• Hold your heroes to a high standard. Be your own hero.

• If you can’t smile with your eyes, don’t smile. Insincerity is nothing to aspire to.

• Never lie to yourself.

• Your body, your rules.

• If you have an opinion, you better know why.

• Practice your passions.

• Ask for what you want. The worst thing they can say is no.

• Wish on stars and dandelions, then get to work to make them happen.

• Stay as sweet as you are.

• Fall in love often. Particularly with ideas, art, music, literature, food and far-off places.

• Say Please, Thank You, and Pardon Me, whenever the situation warrants it.

• Reserve “I’m sorry” for when you truly are.

• Naps are for grown-ups, too.

• Question everything, except your own intuition.

• You have enough. You are enough.

• You are amazing! Don’t let anyone ever make you feel you are not. If someone does….walk away. You deserve better.

• No matter where you are, you can always come home.

• Be happy and remember your roots, family is EVERYTHING.

• Say what you mean and mean what you say.

• Be kind; treat others how you would like them to treat you.

• If in doubt, remember whose daughter you are and straighten your crown.

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