I believe

I believe

10 Affirmations

1. I believe that living in a state of Gratitude is the only way to truly live.

2. I believe that Angels and Guides are always around you. That they help you as much as they can, BUT you do need to call out to them and ASK for their help.

3. I believe that when you are asking for help from your Angels that it is like putting in an order to a waiter…therefore you have to be specific: a sandwich or a ham sandwich with mustard and tomato.

4. I believe that before we are born that we sit down with our Angels, Guide and Teachers and make a life plan of what we want to learn, experience and grow through.

5. I believe that we are born into a free will world where we are allowed to go off our life plan, make mistakes – to learn and grow.

6. I believe that we also choose our families as a way to learn and grow. Therefore, the same is true for our children.

7. I believe that when we are experiencing de ja vue that that is when we hit on our life path and plan.

8. I believe that we get caught up in other people’s stories and taking on their truths and that is when we get stuck.

9. I believe that when we examine our own stories, our inner truths, decide if they still work for us and choose them, that that is when we move forward and get unstuck.

10. I believe that we are born to learn, grow and share our knowledge and experiences.

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