Get To Know Shirley

Shirley is a Multi-Dimensional woman who is using her gifts and talents of Intuition, Empathy, and Connection to the Angels and Spirit to make a positive difference in the world. She is an International Confidant, Mentor, and Life Coach for many women & a few very special men that are looking to get in touch with their Life Purpose, Gratitude, and Intuition.

Working with Shirley will lead you to feel more Empowered, Confident, and Resilient in your life. At the age of 5, Shirley had a Near Death Experience where she was told “You are here to Awaken the People". She didn't know what that meant, but it was always in the back of her mind. In 2010, her youngest daughter died unexpectedly, which provided the biggest Awakening in Shirley’s life.

Through this experience, Shirley realized that the time was NOW to be the person that she was born to be and to do the work that she agreed to do before she was born. And so she said YES and started spreading the messages that she was receiving. Thus, "Awakening the People" to so much more than we understand with our basic 5 senses.

The love of travel has led to the development of Awakened Wise Women Retreats, both stateside and International. Choosing destinations that inspire both the Angels and your soul, Shirley incorporates meditation, journal writing and programs to help bring you to new self-awareness.